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Carpet Cleaning Poughkeepsie NY


Why should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

The problems and health threats associated with poor indoor air quality have become extremely widespread. Every time you walk into your house, you bring in pollutants of all kinds with you.

Carpets improve indoor air quality by acting as a wonderful filter, trapping all those pollutants brought in from the outdoors (soil, pollen, mold, air pollution, bacteria, fungi, carbon monoxide, etc.) and those caused by indoor living (animal dander, dust mites, crumbs, juice, and soils of all kinds), preventing them from becoming airborne. It is important to realize that a regular, thorough hot water deep extraction cleaning clears your home of these pollutants and toxins.


Should I have a fabric protector applied after cleaning?


Yes, most carpet manufacturers recommend that you reapply protector after professional cleaning to restore the original stain resistance. Some manufacturers even require it as part of the warranty on the carpet.


How long will it take for my carpet or furniture to dry?


Our dry times typically range from 4 – 6 hours. Dry times can be affected by many factors including weather, humidity, and airflow.


How soon can I walk on my carpets?

We recommend that you limit traffic as much as possible until your carpets are completely dry, so as not to re-soil carpets or lay carpet fibers down from their newly cleaned up position. If it is not possible to stay off carpets, clean white socks can be worn. An All Pro Cleaning Service technician can provide booties to be worn on request.


Should I vacuum before the carpet cleaner arrives?


Yes, vacuuming is essential to the longevity of your carpet. You should vacuum your carpet as often as possible.


Do you move furniture?


Our regular pricing structure includes moving sofas, chairs, tables, end tables, and so on.

We will not move musical instruments, grandfather clocks, most beds, full china hutches, full bookshelves, entertainment centers, pool tables…our technicians reserve the right not to move any piece of furniture or household object that they do not feel comfortable with.


Should I move anything?


Yes, you should remove from the areas being cleaned, all nick knack and breakables.


Are the products you use safe?


Yes, we use the best cleaning products available. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality job possible at any price! Our products are: nontoxic, safe for pets & children, and biodegradable.


Will your services help my allergies?


Yes, having your carpet and furniture cleaned removes pollutants and makes for a more friendly breathing environment.


Does your process restore the original feel of my carpet?


Yes, our process leaves your carpet fresh, clean, residue free and soft to the touch.


Why do my spots keep coming back?

The first reason could be re-soiling. This often occurs when detergent or cleaning agents were used, and not thoroughly extracted. This residue will act sticky and will actually attract more soil.

The second reason is wicking. Many times, the spot that is being removed has seeped into the backing of the carpet. This is common with pet urine, beverages, and anything that is spilled in volume. The material dries in the backing and the pad of the carpet. When the spot is cleaned, only the material in the pile of the carpet is removed. However, moisture is introduced into the backing of the carpet. As the spot dries, the material that is in the backing of the carpet wicks back into the pile.

All Pro Cleaning Service takes care to eliminate the problems of re-soiling and wicking as much as possible. We use the most thorough method of cleaning to ensure that all pre-sprays and cleaning agents are thoroughly rinsed and removed from your carpet, so that no residue is left behind, and your carpets are left with very little moisture in them.


My carpet is really old, should I replace it?


With the cost of replacing carpet being as expensive as it is today, it is always best to try having the carpet professionally cleaned first. It is far less costly and may make a world of difference.

Which provides better indoor air quality: hardwood, or carpet?

Carpet actually acts like a ‘filter’ trapping pollutants which are then removed by professional carpet cleaning. As long as a regular cleaning schedule is maintained, carpet provides much better indoor air quality than hardwood.


Why can't I just rent a do-it-yourself machine?


Thorough carpet cleaning requires expertise and professional equipment. First, store-rented or home steam cleaners lack the suction power and sometimes the high temperature needed for a proper deep clean. These have a tendency to leave shampoo on the carpet fibers, which causes rapid re-soiling and can result in irritation to people and pets. Secondly, these machines usually leave a large volume of water behind, and left in the carpet, can lead to formations of microbial growth (mold) and bacteria in as little as 24 hours.







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